Wheel Rim Protectors


We’ve all been there. You were aiming to park nice and close to the kerb with precision that would make Lewis Hamilton proud. But then you heard it…

The painful sound of scrapping and scratching against the concrete. Ouch! But don’t worry. It happens to the best drivers, and we’ve got you covered with WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors.


Testing… One, two, three! Creating any product requires lots of investment in development and testing.

When developing WHEELUV™, we created a team of experts, from people in our business who have designed and manufactured automotive accessories for many years, and leaders in their fields outside of the company. This included experts in mechanical engineering, adhesion, polymer science and vehicle material testing.

To make the best product possible, we put WHEELUV™ through numerous tests…


When developing WHEELUV™ we considered the effects of ageing (it’s a fact of life that none of us can escape!) The protector was tested against brake fluids, wheel cleaners and other chemicals you would find in a workshop. We also worked with ‘Intertek Total, Quality, Assured’ (www.intertek.com) in our environmental tests. Intertek has been inspecting and certifying products for 130 years and is industry leading. Intertek tested WHEELUV™ against UV light. This was done by simulating years of exposure to sunlight using a Xenon Arc machine. This was important as a lot of plastics will age and discolour in sunlight, and we wanted to WHEELUV™ to stay looking pristine on your wheels!

We are so confident in this testing that we have a 1 year warranty on our protectors that guarantees the protectors’ colour will not fade or deteriorate.



We partner with MIRA, (www.horiba-mira.com) who provide world class engineering, testing and development consultancy, to test WHEELUV™ for functionality. MIRA are used by many vehicle manufacturers during development stages. MIRA made sure WHEELUV™ could withstand kerbing impacts and being driven in difficult driving conditions. A vehicle with WHEELUV™ fitted to the wheels was driven into a kerb island at 50mph, through deep potholes at 30mph, on a high speed track at over 130mph, and driven through mud, water, pavé (cobbles) and gravel roads. When this was added to our in house road and kerb impact testing, it was confirmed that WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors were tough enough to shrug off impacts with the kerb, pliable enough to be fixed into place, and an adhesive that bonds the moulding into place without damaging the wheel surface and being able to resist the elements.



When developing WHEELUV™ it was important the protector didn’t compromise the wheel balance of your vehicle. So we partnered with Pro-Align to test this using their precision wheel balancing equipment. Pro-Align supplies Hunter wheel balancers, both standard and road force, and has been at the forefront of wheel alignment for 3 decades, so as you can imagine, they have very accurate equipment that proved that WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection did not impact wheel balance – standard or road force – resulting in a zero-zero balance with and without our protectors.


We all know there is always room for progress, which is we are always testing and making product advancements.

We updated our UV modifiers to make sure our protectors could stand the test of time in even the hottest climates, as required to protect vehicle wheels globally. We also developed a bespoke fitting process for our trade partners including a wipe system for fitting. To do this we tested lots of degreasers and their impact on removing contaminants. We now incorporate an aerospace degreaser, approved to Roll Royce industry standards, in our wipe system. And we developed a tyre changing process so you can get your vehicle’s tyres changed by a Certified Partner without damaging the protector.

Because our customers include global vehicle manufacturers and dealer networks, and because we strongly believe in making the best possible products, our products are continually tested by those who work with us and those who fit and use WHEELUV™ – this includes vehicle manufacturers, who have some of the most stringent quality processes in the world.


In our view, and from all publicly available information on wheel protection tests, we’ve put WHEELUV™ Alloy Wheel Protection through the most rigorous testing we have seen for any wheel protector on the market. We will continue to do this going forward to make sure our product is reliable and does what we say it does. Want to know more about what WHEELUV™ protects against? Take a look at How Effective are WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors at Protecting my Wheels?

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