We offer a wide range of services from cleaning to paint correction and ceramic coatings - all of which are done mobile with the use of our own water supply, power, and gazebo to cope with adverse weather conditions.


This means we can tend to your vehicle anywhere! At work, no problem. At home, no problem! In Tesco doing your shopping, no problem!


The services we offer are (more details below and in the sub tab): -


- Maintenance cleans

- Full decontamination

- Paint correction

- Ceramic coatings

     - Paint‚Äč

     - Windows

     - Wheels

     - Plastics

     - Rubbers

     - New parts such as brake calipers and suspension

- Engine Bay cleans

- Waxes for short term protection

- Up to 10 years guarantee**


All prices seen are 'starting from' and will vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.


** Zirconite guarantees start from 2 years all the way up to 10 years as you add boosters and top ups


Description of services below. Or click the services tab at the top to select the page of services you require.


Vehicle cleans can range from regular maintenance clean and shine to full decontamination.


Coming back to us for your maintenance washes ensures you get exactly what you need as we have tended the vehicle before. If this is your first time with us, we would highly recommend having a full interior and exterior detail to remove all decontamination as this ensures we know exactly what we‚Äôre dealing with each time we clean your vehicle.


Standard (1 hour approx)

     Basic clean inside and out with a hoover of interior and boot and tire shine

  • What you get: -

    • Rinse to remove excess/loose dirt and grime

    • Contact wash with pH neutral soapy water

    • Wheels cleaned

    • Windows cleaned

    • Tires shined

    • Vac n wipe over of the interior


Prices start from ¬£30 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle 


Standard Extra (2 hours approx)

  • What you get: -

    • ‚ÄčStandard

    • Tar spot removal

    • Iron Fallout removal

    • Spray wax sealant


Prices start from £60 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle


Exterior Detail (4 hours approx)

  • What you get: -

    • Standard Extra plus the following‚Äč

    • Snow Foam, Contactless Pre-Wash, Detail brushes around all nooks and crannies, Clay Bar, Plastics Treated

    • Roof Protected if a cabriolet


Prices start from ¬£130 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle


Interior Detail (5 hours approx)

  • What you get: -

    • Hoover, Interior wipe over, Deep clean of all touchpoints (Steering Wheel, Handbrake etc)

    • Wet n Dry vac of floor wells, mats, seats (Deep clean alternative if leather seats)

    • All interior treated (Leathers, plastics, vinyls, dashboard)

    • Steam Clean of air vents to sanitise and kill bacteria

    • Air Bombs for an extra ¬£10


Prices start from ¬£130 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle


Platinum (8 hours approx)

  • What you get: -

    • Exterior Detail‚Äč

    • Interior Detail

  • This provides a full deep clean of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle


Prices start from ¬£250 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle


We also offer various other services: -

  • Convertible roof clean and protection (Start from ¬£60)

  • Steam Cleaning (Start from ¬£60)

  • Engine Bay cleaning (Start from ¬£60)

  • Wheels off deep cleaning (Start from ¬£100)

  • Machine Polishing (Start from ¬£300 - includes a full exterior detail)

  • Ceramic Coating (Start from ¬£450 or ¬£550 to include wheels off)

  • Brand new car clean and protection (Start from ¬£400 - 10 year guarantee)