Though your vehicle may be brand new, it’s probably been in storage, sat outside, or just generally not very well prepared by the dealership's valeters.


To protect your new investment, we offer full detailing inside and out, full protection of the interior fabrics and/or leathers, and ceramic coating protection for the exterior to ensure your vehicle is protected and looks amazing from the get-go! And with maintenance packages from us, we'll ensure it stays that way for the duration of your ownership.

What we do: -

  • Remove all defects, decontamination, storage dirt, etc

  • Prepare each panel in readiness for Ceramic Coating

  • Treat each exterior panel

  • Treat windows

  • Treat wheels in full by removing the wheels from the vehicle to behind the spokes and inner of the alloys

  • Treat all plastics and rubbers

  • Protect all fabrics/leathers/trim


Ceramic coatings help protect against UV rays, tar, glue, tree sap, bugs, bird poo, iron fallout from brake dust and are scratch-resistant*. This will enable us to clean your vehicle easier and more effectively when you bring it back to us for its maintenance clean.


There are various ceramic coatings available: -

  • Zirconite UK (We are an accredited detailer)

    • Zirconite offer full vehicle protection including both exterior and interior

    • Offer a 10-year guarantee*

      • *Minimum guarantee on paintwork is 4 years, up to 10 when topped with ZC Boosta, yearly.

    • All Zirconite products are developed, tested, and packaged here in the UK

    • Zirconite now offer shorter-term coatings of 1 year and 2 years, all with a guarantee!


  • Carbon Collective

    • Platinum Paint and Oracle offers up to 3 years of protection

    • Molecule and Nero offer 7 years of protection with self-healing properties to any minor scratches and catches**


If you have a specific supplier product you’d like us to use then let us know, and we’ll certainly discuss this with you.


All prices will vary depending on the size of the car and the services requested.

*Scratch-resistant doesn't mean scratch proof. Your vehicle can still get scratched if it's caught hard or heavy enough or with a very sharp object, however, the ceramic coatings will help protect against the minute scratches that would normally pick up by dirt being moved around on the paintwork, or if someone catches the side with a bag or jacket - something not too sharp.

**Self-healing means the ceramic has properties, that when placed under controlled heat means the ceramic self-levels and reduces any minor scratches or scuffs.