We don't just do cars! We also do vans, caravans and motorhomes!


As you can see below, we do a stella job on all vehicles :)




I was cleaning a regular customers car, when a couple walked past and asked me if I did motorhomes. I replied with "I've not done one, yet" :)

Anyway, due to weather restrictions i had to visit this one on 3 separate occasions! It was a full outside clean, along with 2 year Zirconite Nano-Glaze protection system.

Ceramics sometimes don't fit all types of bodywork, and given the age and usage of this motorhome i opted for the Nano-Glaze.

I restored all plastic bumpers and door plastics, handles and mirrors, and got a super glossy shine back in this nearly 20 year old Fiat!

Ah, the Eriba Caravan. Beautiful piece of equipment with a raising roof similar to the VW conversions. Caravans spend a lot of time stood in open spaces, and as such it's good to proect them from the elements!

This was a brand new caravan, but still required a full decon and panel prep before i could apply Zirconite's ZQ9h 4-year Ceramic.

The 4-year ceramic comes with a 4-year guarantee, extended to 10 years as long as there is a top of ZC Boosta each year.

I also treated the plastic windows with Bead-Magik as ceramics make the plastics brittle so i could use them. I also treated the wheels with Zirconite ZQ5, the metals were treated with ZQ9h and the exterior plastics on the doors where treated with Bead-Magik.

Stunning Caravan, and such a retro look to it.