Noticed swirls in your paintwork?

If you've noticed swirls, holograms or light scratches then it might be time for paint correction.

Paint correction generally consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1 - Polish - A much lighter and less abrasive pad and compound is used for a stage Polish to remove any light swirls, holograms, and light scratches. This will remove all light marks and around 60% of swirls and holograms.

Stage 2 - Cut - This is the first stage of the cutting part with a medium abrasive pad and compound is used, followed by the Stage 1 Polish. This will remove around 75% of swirls and holograms.

Stage 3 - Cut - This cut is completing using a medium to heavy cutting pad and compound, followed by a Stage 2 cut then a Stage 1 Polish to ensure a fine smooth finish with around 90% swirl removal from your paintwork