Ceramic coatings are the ultimate protection for your vehicle, however in order to install them correctly your vehicle has to be prepared correctly. This may be a simple process if it's a releatively new car, however, it's older then it will require a full Exterior Detail and may even require minor paint correction before installation.

I will not install ceramics on scratched, swirly paint as it's just not right! It doesn't my name, Zirconite, Carbon Collective or car any good by installing on them badly prepared surfaces.

Below is a gallery of some ceramic coating installations - enjoy :)



This Golf had the absolute works, all on the doorstep! Was a perfect day for it too.

It had: -

- Full exterior showroom detail

     - Consists of full decontamination

     - Vehicle washed several times

- Multi-stage machine polish

     - Some panels required little in the way of correction

     - Other panels needed a couple of passes

- Ceramic Coating

     - After the correction, the panels prep'd the coating was applied to the body work, wheels and the windows

Zirconite ZQ9h applied to the bodywork

Zirconite ZQ5 applied to the wheels

ZC Boosta applied to the windows

Take a look through the photos :)